AWS Builders day 2018

I've attended few AWS events in the last couple of years in different countries, yet the best experience I had was in the AWS builders day this December 2018 in London.

Working with AWS Chalice CLI

In this article we will explore the chalice cli command and how we can work with it.

AWS Chalice lambda event triggers

One of the powerful traits of function as a service is you can execute your function using different triggers, in this article we will go through the different triggers' chalice support.

AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam experience and tips

Over the past 2 years, I’ve been dealing with AWS from time to time, but that has increased significantly in the past 5 months When I started to do a lot of work-related to s3, lambda, and step-functions.

AWS Summit London 2019

Yesterday I had the chance to attend AWS summit London with some of my colleagues at Zava.

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