# About Me

# Who am I

I am Ahmed, a self-taught software engineer whose origin story goes back to when I was a naive teenager and thought that computers are smart, then realized that they are as smart as how you are programming them to be. Thus I try my best to make them smart as I was expecting them to be.

I spent most of my life in Egypt and after touring around some countries, I landed in UK where I work and live now with my small family.

# What I am interested in

I am interested in designing solutions / architectures for business domains that makes a difference in human lives and have a challenging technology problem.

# Which technologies and tools I use

  • 2019: PHP / NodeJS / GoLang / Clouformation / AWS Sam / Lambda
  • 2018: PHP / NodeJS / Serverless / Lambda / Step Functions
  • 2017: PHP
  • 2015: PHP / Python
  • 2003 -> 2014: PHP / Perl / Javascript / HTML

# Where I've worked

  • Zavamed Lead engineer
  • TimeDoctor Systems Architect
  • camelCaseTech Tech Lead
  • Careerise CTO
  • GCSSD Tech Lead / Architect
  • Aroma Senior PHP Developer
  • CHA Web Systems Analyst
  • Compuformatix Web Developer

# Where I've studied

I've studies mechatronics engineering in Ainshams Univeristy in cairo, egypt

# How you can get in touch