Calling 3rd party APIs using EventBridge API Destinations

EventBridge is one of the powerful tools in the AWS toolbox when you move towards loosely coupled / event-driven architectures.

In this blog post, I would like to explain by example one of my use cases of EventBridge using API Destinations.

Serverless mini bootcamp

This is a collection of free courses to get you started with Serverless.

Using presigned URLs with AWS Chalice

In this post we will see how aws allows us to allow users to upload and download files directly to and from s3 bucket using pre-signed URLs.

AWS Chalice lambda event triggers

One of the powerful traits of function as a service is you can execute your function using different triggers, in this article we will go through the different triggers' chalice support.

My terminal setup on macOS

I do most of my work in the terminal, and I keep customzing it to be usable and easy on the eye. this post is to document my current setup, and will keep updating it when the setup change.

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