This is a collection of free courses to get you started with Serverless.

The total time of the courses is about 7 hours. But might take a bit more to get around some topics here.

I recommend allocating a couple of days to get through these courses. it will be a great addition to your career, and how you will build stuff in the cloud.

# Getting into the Serverless Mindset

This course will orient you to key serverless concepts to help you plan serverless architectures and applications.

# Introduction to Serverless Development

This course will orient you to key serverless concepts to help you start developing serverless applications.

# AWS Lambda Foundations

This course introduces AWS Lambda and teaches you the basics of how you configure it to connect to other AWS services.

# Amazon API Gateway for Serverless Applications

This course introduces Amazon API Gateway and teaches you the basics of how to create and deploy APIs.

# Amazon DynamoDB Service Primer

This course introduces you to Amazon DynamoDB and its core features and capabilities. The course describes how this service integrates with other AWS services, introduces important terminology and technology concepts, and includes a demonstration of the service.

# Building Serverless Containers at Scale

This is a deep dive into fargate. Containers allow you to craft sophisticated cloud-native applications, but how do you manage scale? In this course you will learn how to better launch and manage your large-scale containerized workloads with AWS Fargate.

# Architecting Serverless Solutions

This course is designed to help you “think serverless.” Learn how to combine AWS managed services including AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway in event-driven patterns to power scalable and secure serverless applications.